A Comprehensive Guide on Redeeming Amazon Gift Card

Gone are those days when you have to prepare yourself for buying a gift for any occasion because gift cards have sorted out this problem of the people. Be it a sudden plan to attend a birthday party, or you wish to gift your parents something good on their upcoming anniversary. There is a solution for all of that. Simply buy an Amazon gift card and you don’t have to worry if the other person is going to love your gift or not. Well, this is the biggest struggle many people go through while buying a gift. The Amazon Gift cards are customized according to different occasions.

Buying and redeeming an Amazon gift card is easy as you just need to go to the official website of Amazon, log in to your Amazon account and then go to the gift cards section to buy the Amazon gift card of your choice. Using the gift card Amazon feature, the receiver can purchase an item of their choice from the Amazon platform itself. So, today we are going to have an in-depth detail about buying the gift card from Amazon and redeeming it.

How do you purchase an Amazon gift card?

As already said buying an Amazon gift card is an easy process and can be completed in a few easy steps. These steps have been discussed below in detail. The steps below are applicable for amazon prime gift cards as well.

  1. Go to https://www.Amazon.com/gift-cards/ from any browser
  2. Now, sign in to your Amazon account
  3. Then, choose the amount for which you need to buy the gift card
  4. Furthermore, choose the “Add to cart” button
  5. Select the “Proceed to checkout” option on the next screen
  6. Make the payment by using the desired payment option
  7. Select “Continue” > “Place your order”

This is how you can place an amazon gift card order

Once you receive the gift card, you can send it to anyone you want. Apart from this, you can also purchase a physical gift card of your choice by visiting a store like Walmart.

The easy method to redeem your gift card

This is the shortest way to redeem your amazon gift card which can be easily done by using these steps:

  1. Take off the sticker from the back of the gift card
  2. Now, open a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on your device
  3. In the search bar space, enter https://amazon.com/reedeem Next up, log in to your Amazon account
  4. Then, enter the claim code that is available on the card’s back

Another way to redeem the gift card

If you were not able to redeem the gift card by using the method given above, then you may use the steps given ahead to redeem your amazon gift cards or amazon prime gift card:

  1. From a browser go to the official website of Amazon
  2. Now, you will see the login page where you have to enter the sign-in details
  3. After that, go to the “Accounts & Lists” section
  4. Next up, tap on the “Your Account” tab
  5. Select the “Gift Cards” option
  6. Afterward, you have to tap on the “Redeem a Gift Card” button
  7. Then, provide the claim code present on the amazon giftcard backside
  8. Select “Apply to your balance” and send a thank you note to the sender


We have tried to showcase every minute detail about buying, using, and redeeming Amazon gift card. We hope that you were able to do what you were looking for by using the instructions given here. If not, then you may navigate to the “Help” section and look for the helpful articles given there. Please remember to use the gift card balance before it expires. You can only purchase the eligible items from Amazon using the gift card.