How to buy a Google Play gift card and redeem it?

Google Play has a huge collection of Android Apps that are inclusive of gaming apps, shopping apps, lifestyle applications, and much more. Some of these apps are free of cost while others are paid. Thus, to buy those apps, you can choose from multiple payment options. On the other hand, the trend of gifting gift cards is trending nowadays and Google Play has also come up with its gift cards. With a Google Play gift card, a user can make purchases for his favorite Google Play game or eBook, movies, and much more.

google play gift card

In case somebody has gifted you a Google Play gift card and you want to how to use it, then this article is just for you. Using your Google Play gift card code is an easy process and we shall discuss the same in the sections to follow. The best thing about a Google Play Store gift card is that the balance available on it comes with lifetime validity and you can easily redeem it in different ways.

Moreover, these gift cards are redeemable on any smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV. Even if you do not have an Android device, you can access the Google Play services on devices of all sorts including Android, iOS, Chromecast, or the web.

From where should I buy Google Play gift card?

After knowing enough details about Google Play gift card, you must be wondering how to purchase one such gift card to give it to your family or friends. As stated above, buying a gift card from Google Play Store is an easy process and you do not have to go through a complex procedure to use one. However, Google Play Gift cards are not available for purchase on its official website or the app. Therefore, you should not get worried about it.

However, this is not a thing to worry about because there are a lot of retailers who offer you the opportunity to buy Google Play Gift cards. These retailers are available in different countries of the world. The gift card is available in two different formats i.e. physical or digital. So, you just need to choose a platform to buy a Google Play gift card such as Walmart, choose the type of gift card you want, and gift it to anyone you want.

How to redeem Google Play gift card codes?

Since there are different ways through which you receive your gift cards, therefore the methods to redeem them would also be different. Therefore, we have tried to elucidate the different methods in the given sections to help you with the redemption process. As soon as you redeem the gift card, the same balance will be available in your Google Play balance. Using this balance you can also get an exclusive Google Play gift card discount:

Redeem gift card from the Play Store

  1. Open Google Play on your device
  2. Now, navigate to the top-right section
  3. Then, tap on the “Profile” icon
  4. After this, click on the “Payments & subscriptions”
  5. Tap on the “Redeem gift code” option
  6. Now, enter the free Google Play gift card codes in the given spaces

Redeem from the website

  1. From a web browser, go to the page
  2. After this, enter the gift card code
  3. This shall be available in the Google Play gift card email delivery
  4. After entering the gift card code, tap on the “Redeem”
  5. This shall redeem your Google Play store gift card

Final thought:

After redeeming the Google Play Gift Card, you can use it to get any paid app from the Google Play Store. Nowadays, gift cards have become so popular that most buyers purchase them to solve their gifting purposes. The most amazing thing about these gifts cards is that they come with never-ending expiry date and you can choose any platform to get one for you or your loved ones. Visit:- Amazon Gift Card Balance.

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