Grubhub Gift Card- the Perfect Gift Option for Food Lovers

When in doubt about a perfect gift option, don’t wander here and there because gift cards have got you covered. Whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, GrubHub gift card is designed to meet all the food needs of people. Now, you must be wondering why people are choosing this gift card despite having so many different options. Well, these gift cards are easy-to-use and can be redeemed easily at the official platform of GrubHub. You just need to use this card at the checkout while you are ordering from your favorite restaurant online.

GrubHub gift card

Not just that, these restaurant gift cards come with lifetime validity and they can be purchased in both digital as well as physical formats. This proves to be one of the best gift options for those who have been looking for a gift for their foodie friends who love to binge on different food items. But, being a new gift card buyer, you might be having some questions in your mind regarding GrubHub gift card.

So, in the sections below, we are going to have a look at the questions that you might have in your mind such as buying the gift card, redeeming it, and ultimately using it.

Where to buy a GrubHub gift card from?

There are several places from where you can get your hands on the grub hub gift cards. The best place to buy a GrubHub gift card is by navigating to the official website i.e. From here, you can buy a physical or digital gift card and gift it to your loved ones. In addition to the official platform, you can also choose to get the gift card from several other online platforms including Amazon. Just search for the “buy GrubHub gift card” keyword on Google and you will be provided with options from where you can buy this particular gift card.

How to buy a grub hub gift card?

  1. Go to the site
  2. On this page, you need to simply click on the “Buy a gift card” option
  3. Now, choose if you want to gift it to a friend or you are buying it for yourself
  4. After entering the relevant details in the fields, click “Continue”
  5. Now, choose if you want to gift a physical gift card or a digital card
  6. On the next page, you have to choose one of the gift cards
  7. Then, choose from the available amount options or use the – or + sign to change the amount
  8. After you have chosen the amount, click “Continue”
  9. Review your card purchase and the order summary and click “Continue”
  10. Feed some more details, make the payment, and you will get your card soon

How and when will you receive your GrubHub gift cards?

In case you have ordered a digital gift card, then you will receive your card in the specified email box along with the code to redeem it. But, if you have purchased a GrubHub gift card, then you will get it delivered within one or two business days after making the purchase.

Learn how to redeem or use the GrubHub gift card

Whether you have bought printable gift cards or digital gift cards, the process to redeem them is almost the same. Here is how you can redeem your grub hub gift card:

  1. Select the item that you want to buy
  2. Now, go to the cart for ordering them
  3. Then, go to the checkout page
  4. Here, you need to click on the “Add a gift card” option
  5. If you are buying through the website, then choose “Pay with a gift card”
  6. Now, enter your gift card details along with the code
  7. Then, select the “Add to my account” option
  8. The gift card will be added to your account and the amount shall be deducted from it

How to check the GrubHub gift card balance?

If you have a seamless gift card and you want to how much balance is available on it, then you can check its balance:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Now, click on the “Check your balance” option
  3. In the given box, enter your gift card claim code
  4. Click on the “Check Balance” option


By taking into consideration the different sections given above, you can make sure that you know how to buy, use, and redeem the GrubHub gift card. As discussed above, you can buy a grub hub gift card by navigating to the official website. But, if you do not know the actual procedure to do so, then you can refer to the steps that have been discussed in this post.

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