How to Use a Visa Gift Card Online- Beginner’s Guide

If you have not yet received the visa gift card then it is very much important that you should know the advantage to use the Visa gift card is that it is very much flexible with any online platform that does accept visa debit cards. If you are new to using the visa gift card online then you should know the card might be activated much before you receive it. If it is not already activated then you must activate it before you use it and you also need to register with the card if you wish to use it. Through this guide, we will learn it all, how to use the visa card, and avail of the benefits. So, let us begin the topic and understand how to use the card.

how to use a visa gift card online

Do Visa gift cards online have pin?

The visa gift card is a prepaid card that can easily be used for purchases in the stores, if the card is online then you can visit the store online and access then in the Visa debit cards option. Remember, the debit card option requires a pin to be accessed. The visa card does not come with the pin, you need to set the pin to make the purchase work on the online platform.

How to use visa gift card online? – Activation process

You need to understand that a visa gift card is activated at the cash register section and you will get the activation receipt there and then. However, there are some visa gift cards that are purchased online and are in need to be activated once you get them in the mail. All you need to do is:

  1. Locate the activation instructions on the backside of the card.
  2. Get the gift card number, remember the activation does require a 16 digit gift card number.
  3. Now activate the visa gift card by entering this number in the field.

How to use a visa gift card online?- Registration of the card

For the registration of your visa gift card online, you need to locate the issuer’s web address, this information is provided with the card. Now call the number or use the website to get started. Here are the things that you need to provide for the registration:

  • Card security number
  • Personal information: Name, address, and contact number

Note: Enter the correct details as the prompt screen asks you and verify these details with the account.

How to use visa gift card online?

There are two conditions in which you can use the visa gift card online, here are the situations:

  • If the Visa gift card balance is greater than the total amount: If the transaction amount is less than the available balance then simply enter the Visa card number in the credit or debit card field and checkout.
  • If the Visa gift card balance is less than the total amount: If this is the situation then first you need to use the visa gift card to get the store card fo r the same amount, once the store gift card arrives, you need to return to the original transaction and apply the store egift card to purchase.

Point to note: Once you have added the amount/ funds to your card, then only you can spend the money or withdraw it in the cash at ATMs. In order to purchase something online, you need to swipe or insert the card at the time of sale. Remember, if you are shopping online, then all you need to do is to type the card number and insert the prepaid card to withdraw the amount or pay for the same.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

By the end of this topic, we hope that this article has provided enough information related to “how to use a visa gift card online“. However, if you are still unable to use the Visa gift card then we recommend you to visit the official website and get assistance from the website from the Customer support assistants.

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