How to check the TJMaxx gift card balance?

If you are a resident of the United States, then you must be aware of the TJ Maxx chain of retail stores that sell you products at a price lower than other retail stores. This company has grown to be so popular that it has become the proud owner of more than 1,000 stores across the United States.

As we all know the holiday season just went by and a lot of us have received gift cards that belong to different brands. This happened because gift cards have become an extremely trendy gift option nowadays. And, this is the reason why a lot of us are buying and sending gift cards to our loved ones. And, if you are lucky enough to get and use the TJMaxx gift card, then you might want to know how to check the TJMaxx gift card balance.

tjmaxx gift card balance

Therefore, to help users achieve that, we are going to list some easy steps that would help you with checking the balance available on your TJMaxx gift card. But, first, we shall have a look at some other details that would help you with knowledge about this card from a little closer.

From where to buy a TJMaxx gift card

Well, there are different online portals that allow you to purchase gift cards. But, at the same time, you can purchase the TJMaxx gift cards from other stores as well.

  • The first store where you can navigate to in order to get the card is obviously the TJMaxx store
  • Apart from this store, you can also navigate to Marshalls, HomeGoods, Homesense, and Sierra stores
  • Besides this, you can also choose the option to purchase the gift card online from platforms such as Amazon, Kroger, etc.

Check the available balance on TJMaxx Gift card

If you do not know how to fetch the available TJMaxx gift card balance, then there are a few different ways to do so. The first way to check the balance is by navigating to the TJMaxx retail store in person and carrying the gift card along. And, the other way to check the gift card balance is by navigating to its online website. For doing so, you can refer to the steps that are listed below and find out the complete procedure to check balance on TJMaxx gift card:

  1. To begin, you can navigate to
  2. On this page, you can enter your TJMaxx gift card number
  3. Now, enter the CVC of the gift card and complete the human verification process
  4. Press the “Check balance” option to display the card balance on your screen

After learning the procedure to check TJMaxx gift card balance, let us now learn where you can use the remaining balance on your card.

How to use the TJMaxx gift card balance?

After learning about the available balance in your TJMaxx gift card and making sure that there is enough money on it, you can use it to shop for a few more things accordingly. The balance that is currently available on your gift card can be used to shop for the things that are available at their physical stores.

All you need to do is take the gift card to the store, shop for the things you want, and pay using your gift card. In case you want, you can reload your card from the same store or online.

On the other hand, there is one more benefit of using this card i.e. you can get back the remaining balance in cash. Yes, there is definitely a way you can do this. For this, you can take help from the store manager.


If you have received a TJMaxx gift card and you have already shopped the things using it, then you might be interested to know how much balance is available on your gift card. In this article, we have already discussed two different ways to check the balance so that you can use the remaining balance to shop for more things.

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