Uber Gift Card- Gift Something Unusual Online for Uber and Uber Eats

Do you know someone who frequently books ride on Uber? Well, if your answer is yes, we are here to tell you something interesting about Uber. The brand has come up with the idea of gift cards for frequent travelers. If you purchase and give this gift card to someone, he will be provided with a few free rides, based on the amount of gift card you have purchased. Not only this, but the brand has also come up with an Uber eats gift card that makes you eligible to get amazing offers on food delivery.

However, you may not be able to use these gift cards in all the countries where Uber works. Therefore, to check, if the gift card works in your country or not, you may navigate to its official website and check out the relevant details there.

Uber Gift Card

So, if it is available in your country and you wish to switch to something else other than the stereotypical gift cards, then an Uber gift card could be the best choice for you. But, we know that all the users are not sure about the way to get, use, and redeem this card. Thus, in this article, we are going to give you complete details about using Uber gift cards in the best manner you can.

Where can I buy an Uber Gift Card from? 

  • Buying Uber Gift Cards is not a troublesome process and you can easily get a preferred Uber gift card from its official website.
  • Apart from this, you can also get an Uber Gift card from more than 35,000 retail stores. The major stores that sell Uber gift cards are CVS, Sam’s Club, Target, and more.
  • There is another way to get Uber Gift Cards i.e. you can get them from online merchants such as Amazon, giftcards.com, etc.
  • In case you are a resident of the US, then you may be able to purchase an Uber Gift card by navigating to https://www.uber.com/us/en/gift-cards/

The amount for which you can purchase an Uber or Uber eats gift card ranges from $25 to $200. Another good thing to note about this is that these gift cards are available in both physical as well as digital forms. If you want a physical gift card, you can locate a participating store by searching for “card stores near me” and choose the relevant result. Moving on, let us now discuss the method to buy an Uber Gift card from the official website.

How to buy Uber Gift Cards?

If you are a resident of Canada, then you can simply navigate to https://www.uber.com/ca/en/gift-cards/ and get a card by completing some easy steps on this page. Apart from this, you can also follow the easy steps that are listed below:

  1. At first, go to the official website to purchase the gift card
  2. There, you need to click on the “Buy Now” option on the main page
  3. Now, you have to choose whether you wish to buy a card for a ride or an Uber eats gift card
  4. After choosing one of the gift card options, select the amount to be loaded into it
  5. Then, choose the delivery option, which is probably through email
  6. After this, enter the name and email address of the recipient
  7. You can also add a gift message of up to 150 characters
  8. Next up, you have to type your name in the “From” blank
  9. Followed by this, choose the date for delivery of the card
  10. Click on the “Add to Cart” option and complete the prompts

After making the payment successfully, the e-gift card or the digital gift card would be delivered to the specified email address.

How to redeem an Uber Gift card?

If you have recently purchased or have been provided with a Uber card, then you can follow the steps that are given below to get the card redeemed:

  1. Open the Uber app on your device
  2. Log in to it, if you are not logged in
  3. Now, open the menu by tapping on the given option
  4. Next up, you need to click on the Uber “Wallet” option
  5. After this, you can select the “+ Add Funds” option
  6. Then, choose the “Gift Card” option
  7. Here, provide the gift card code and click “Add”


To know more, you can navigate to https://www.uber.com/us/en/u/tylenol-howwecare/ and learn more about Care Cards provided by TYLENOL. The whole process to buy gift cards from Uber is easy. If you are unable to buy a gift card from the official site, then you can find card stores near me and ask the cashier to guide you through it.

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