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How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance (2021)

Walmart offers various types of gift cards and you can check your Walmart Gift Card balance easily. Walmart has offered various gift cards based on shopping category, brand name, and occasions. It comes in two formats such as physical and digital. Physical gift cards can be used in Walmart stores or for online shopping. E-gift card of Walmart is a digital form of Walmart gift card that comes in the form of a code. This gift card is sent to recipient by email delivery.

If you are looking for a useful gift to give on an occasion to your friend, family, and relative then you can choose Walmart gift cards according to their interest. To buy Walmart Gift Card you need to visit your nearby Walmart store else you can visit the official website of Walmart. In this article, we are going to discuss how to check Walmart gift card balance and some other brands of Walmart gift cards.

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance- Methods

You can check your Walmart gift card balance by three different methods. So to avoid any struggle, just follow the methods mentioned below:

Check over website:

You can check Walmart Gift Card Balance using the official website of Walmart that is mentioned on the back of the card where the black and white stripe is available. Just follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. In your browser, type the website address
  2. On the home page look for the “check card and balance” button
  3. Click on the “Check card and balance button”
  4. Now look for your card type
  5. Provide your gift card number if you are using an E-gift card
  6. Provide pin mentioned at the back on your physical card
  7. Now click on “get card balance”
  8. Your card balance will be shown on your card screen

Check Over Call

If you are not comfortable checking your Walmart gift card balance over the website then you can call on the number which is present at the back of the card, usually at end of print space. If in any case, these numbers are not available on call so you can try searching for other numbers using your browser.

Check via visiting your nearest store

If you are facing troubles checking your Walmart Gift Card Balance yet then visit your nearest Walmart store and ask the cashier to check the Walmart gift card balance. If you are on a low balance then you can also ask for a credit balance in your gift card by providing him cash.

Note: Walmart offers gift cards based on brand names. You can use them while purchasing something according to your need. Let’s have a look at some brand-based gift cards.

Some brand based Walmart gift Cards

Choose a gift card of your favorite brand from Walmart gift cards. You can access these cards at any store physically or digitally. Gift a card to your partner of his/her favorite brand. These Walmart gift cards can be redeemed in all segments such as restaurants, stores, and lifestyle, etc. Let’s have a look at some popular brand gift cards offered by Walmart Gift Card.

  • Amazon Store Card
  • Xbox Gift Card
  • Dominos Gift Card
  • Spotify Gift Card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Macy’s credit card login
  • Playstation gift card


Using a Walmart Gift card is easy, simple, and convenient. You can easily buy and check your Walmart Gift Card balance by following the steps mentioned above. Go with the trend by gifting a Walmart Gift Card to your loved ones. If you have further any query related to Walmart Gift card balance visit the official website.